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Lets Win The Battle Against Cavities, This Halloween!

Halloween is here! We all will be trick -or- treating with our kids tonight and collecting lots of candies. With the incident of childhood decay on the rise, we all need to be more deligent in educating our children about better eating habits. Indulging on candies for one night might be alright , so long as it does not become a habit for them.

Here are some helpful tips to assist you in winning the battle against childhood cavities on this Halloween!

• Some candy choices are smarter than other ones. Help your children  pick candies that are less cavity producing. Here is a modifies list of American Academy of General Dentistry guide to best and worst Halloween candies.


  • Chewy/Sticky Sweets – Gummies, taffy and even dried fruit can get stuck in the crevices between teeth and become almost impossible to remove.
  • Sour Candies – Sour Patch Kids, Sour Straws and Sour Skittles are highly acidic and can break down tooth enamel quickly. Eat only in moderation and wait at least thirty minutes afterwards to brush.
  • Super Sugary Treats – Candy corn, cookies, cake, candy bars, etc. all contain high amounts of sugar, which can cause tooth decay.


  • Sugar-free lollipops, candies and gums – Candies without sugar actually help the mouth produce saliva, which can be beneficial in preventing cavities. Moreover, sugar-free gums can also help dislodge food particles from spaces between teeth.
  • Dark Chocolate – True dark chocolates have been shown to lower blood pressure and even prevent heart disease.

• Ask your kids to choose  a handful of their favorite candies and trade in the rest. You can bring those candies to our office and we will trade them for a toy.

• Have them brush and floss their teeth right after eating their treats and limit the frequency of eating them.

We hope that you have a fun, safe and cavity free Halloween. And remember that regulary dental exams and cleaning are essential in preventing dental decay.

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